Cookin From Scratch – Doolittle, Missouri

Mar 25

I want to begin this review by saying that I grew up 2 miles away from both sets of my grandparents. My Mamaw was raised in rural Kentucky where “comfort food” was called food.

As far back as I can remember when dinning at my fathers parent’s house every meal had at least 1 dish cooked in a skillet. It did not matter if it was skillet fried yams, skillet fried potatoes, skillet fried chicken, skillet fried fish, etc. Needless to say I am well versed in fried foods. To me, my Mamaw was and still is, The Queen of skillet fried foods.

As I came into my 30′s some years ago, I had to moderate my intake of these foods, but I will be completely honest and tell you that I have a place in my heart for “comfort food”. So when I drive down the interstate and I see a restaurant named “Cookin From Scratch”, I am flooded with memories of my childhood and you have my attention.

For my meal I decided to go with the 2 piece fried chicken, mashed potatoes with white gravy and cole slaw. I chose the chicken pieces I like. I went with the breast and drumstick (my 2 goto pieces). The batter, like everything there, is made in house from scratch. I could taste this in everything I ordered. The Chicken was fried to perfection. The batter is just crispy enough to make every bite crunch, just the way it is supposed to!

The mashed potatoes are mashed potatoes. I am not sure why other “home cooked” style restaurants cheap out and serve boxed mashed potatoes. It truly is mind boggling when potatoes are so cheap when purchased in bulk. Yet, the taste is far better when you simply use a real potato. I decided to go with a white gravy on the side. The consistency was exactly what anyone should expect from scratch. In my words, “spot on”.

I know gravy is tricky and everyone has their preference. For this I will say, the gravy was a bit on the bland side. However, I think this is good because bland is easy to remedy. Simply add salt or pepper, in the amount you see fit, to make your gravy taste the way you want.

Now onto the cole slaw. I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the cole slaw. It is rare to find an interesting take on such a simple food but this is worth mentioning. The cole slaw has just enough mayonnaise. This creamy pairs extremely well with the black pepper corns. The mix of crispy creamy, salty and pepper play together perfectly.

If you want a really good southern style home cooked meal Cookin From Scratch is the place to go. With meals ranging from hamburgers to steaks to fish and chicken, this is a place you will want to stop.


Quick Tip

Cookin From Scratch is located just off I44 exit 179. Cookin From Scratch also shares a building with a gas station, country store and diesel pump so it is quite literally 1 stop shopping.

There is a large dirt and gravel lot with ample parking for BIG trucks. If you are traveling thru the area and need anything to continue on your way, be sure to stop at Cookin From Scratch.

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  1. laura drew /

    Hi I heard that you were at our little establisment. I am Laura and I am the dining room manager. Thank you for the review I will link it onto our face book page. if you could could you please change the town location we are actually located in DOOLITTLE, MO
    and yes we do have a diesel pump.
    thanks and I hope that you would come back and try other of our homemade items like our PIE!

    • Thank you for the message Laura. I have just updated the post with all the corrections. The next time I am driving thru the area I will be sure to order up a slice of pie :-)

      • laura drew /

        Great! Cant wait to meet you! Good luck on your adventures!

  2. Its nice to see that some people still know what real food is about. Yes, chains have their place, but in order to satisfy the masses they loose quality and real, with bells and whistles!!! Aren’t we there to eat and fuel our bodies?? To many restaurants are cutting corners to save dollars….what the heck!!! We are spending our money, you’d think perfection would matter?? There’s one thing that I can add to Chris’s comments…..
    The price for real food at Cookin’ From Scratch is unbelievable!!!! Stop on in to the best “Home style” cooking in the Midwest….maybe even AMERICA!!!

  3. You have a youtube channel?

    • No Kristin, I do not. To be honest working 70 hours and keeping up with posts is a little overwhelming right now. Tell me, is is easy to do?


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